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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to 30+ common questions about investing in your waterfront home @ Alakananda RiverFront!

Browse through all these questions & get tremendous confidence & clarity on how you can benefit by being part of this unique waterfront gated community!

To help you quickly & easily find what you are looking for, we have divided these questions into separate categories as explained below…

Plots, Project & Timelines Related

How many plots are there? How many Phases are there? What is the current status of completion? Is the clubhouse ready for use? When will common amenities be ready? etc…

Permissions & Approvals Related

Will Govt give permissions to construct a house on the riverfront? Is the layout approved? Is our Boat Jetty on Krishna River legally allowed? Is bank loan available? etc…

Construction & Maintenance Related

Is there a deadline to construct my house? Will you help with construction? Who will take care of maintenance? What are monthly maintenance charges? etc…

Scroll down to see the complete list of questions with answers…

Fully Approved by DTCP, Govt of AP

Alakananda is fully-approved by DTCP (Director of Town and Country Planning) of Andhra Pradesh ensuring high standards of living, quality amenities and also higher resale values in the long run.

In the below sections, click on the question of your choice to quickly jump to the answer (the page will scroll down to the answer), or scroll through the entire list to read all Q&As!

Section 1

Plots, Project & Timelines Related Questions

Section 1

Plots, Project & Timelines Related Questions

Section 1 > Question 1

How many plots are available in total & how many Phases are there in total?

To ensure proper & timely completion of works, we have divided the project into 3 phases :

  • Phase 1 of 117 acres which is 70% completed & now open for Pre-Launch Sale with 885 plots.
  • Phase 2 of 80 acres will be opened after one year at a much higher price and will have approx 600 plots.
  • Phase 3 of 40 acres will be offered as Completely Built VILLAs after 2 years at very high valuation per Sq Yard because of which those who invest in Phase 1 will benefit tremendously as your prices would have more than doubled by then (when compared to current Pre-Launch Price)

Above adds upto 250 acres, which leaves a balance of 60 acres – out of which 50 Acres is being used for a unique Botanical Gardens with 4000 plants or 50+ varieties of organic vegetables, fruits, herbal and medicinal plants are being grown for the benefit of residents and the other 10 acres is for some unique amenities to be developed in the future.

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Section 1 > Question 2

Are any amenities ready to use? When will the Club House & other common areas / facilities be ready?

Here is a quick summary of common areas & amenities that are already completed / ready for use and many more in advanced stages / almost completed etc :

  • Plot Cutting, Formation & Numbering for Phase 1 – COMPLETED
    Consisting of 885 plots in total and this is the best part of the entire project as these plots are closest to the river in the entire campus
  • All Main & Internal Roads Formation for Phase 1 – COMPLETED
    including Erection of Light Poles / Street Lights on all Main Roads with underground electrification
  • Compound Wall & Fencing of entire 310 Acres – COMPLETED
    including Decorative Fencing of the Riverfront Boulevard with 3000 Exotic Bougainvillea plants
  • 3 Kms Long Riverfront Bund / Boulevard Formation – COMPLETED
    with India’s 1st Triple-level Jogging, Cycling & Walking Tracks on the RiverEdge (involved moving a staggering 20,000 trucks of soil!)
  • Avenue Plantation on Main + Internal Roads / Plots – COMPLETED
    including 120+ very expensive Fully grown Date Palm Trees transplanted on the boulevard!
  • 1.2 km Man-made Canal + Drip Irrigation for Entire Layout – COMPLETED
    to ensure continuous water-supply for the entire layout, 365 days a year!
  • Private BOAT JETTY & Boating Activities – OPERATIONAL
    with a Speedboat, Canoes & Govt Certified Staff at site 24/7 (water scooters and cruise boats will be added in a few months as per demand)
  • HORSE RIDING Arena with 2 Race Horses – OPERATIONAL
    Procured from Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club with an In-House Trainer / Full-time Jockey living on the site to professionally teach you horse riding!
  • Riverfront CLUBHOUSE (5 acres) overlooking the Krishna River – OPERATIONAL
    with 120 People Banquet Hall, A/C Restaurant, Games Room, Viewing Deck, Visitor Lounge and 6 acres of Party Lawns (swimming pool work will begin soon)
  • ANGLERS DEN / Fishing Deck + Sky-Lounge @ Boat Jetty – ALMOST READY
    for you to enjoy stunning sunsets & sunrises from the comfort of this air-conditioned lounge positioned 50 feet above the Krishna river with commanding views of the entire 310 acres!
  • BOTANICAL GARDENS (40 acres) with Organic Food Outlet – COMPLETED
    9000 plants of 52+ varieties of organic fruits, vegetables and medicinal / herbal plants already planted and growing with large-scale Drip Irrigation installed (residents will be able to purchase organic produce from within the layout itself!)
  • Riverfront 6 Acre Executive Golf Course & Driving RangeWork-in-Progress
    Soil Preparation Completed, Landscaping in progress
  • Basketball Court & Skating Rink – Almost Complete
    with Children Play Area in progress + other outdoor sports space allocation completed
  • 1st FEW HOMES – Already completed & many more under construction…
    3 permanent house + 2 Pre-Fab Dome Houses (first of their kind in South India for a residential community) already completed & occupied and few more under construction (you can book some of these houses for your weekend stay with family as and when you want to visit!)
  • Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (SGS) Ashram – Land Prepared & Handed over to Ashram authorities…
    We have constructed boundary wall + yagashala and handed over land to the Ashram Trust which will soon start constructing their ashram
  • Private Entrance to Koti Lingala Temple – In-progress
    We are providing a private entrance to the temple for our residents from our layout directly into the temple next door and have already tied-up with Temple Management to conduct Special Darshan for all our investors and guests, anytime they visit Alakananda.
  • Bitumenization (Black Topping) of Main Road & Laying of UnderGround Drains : IN-PROGRESS
    This will be completed in the next few months after which we will begin Black Topping of internal roads as well, while simultaneously laying underground drains and footpaths as well.
  • RiverFront Party Zones & Beach AreaALMOST READY / PARTIALLY OPERATIONAL
    Enjoy stunning sunsets as you host and enjoy parties of upto 100 people at a time on the brand new Beach Front Party Zones right next to our Boat Jetty…

…and much more completed and for a more detailed idea, see the Status Report & Work Progress Photo album.

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Section 1 > Question 3

Are there additional charges for Corner Plots or Premium facing plots?

Yes, there premiums for certain plots (categories are shown below) and to know the premiums applicable, please contact the team member who is in touch with you.

  • RiverFront Premium Blocks
  • Main Road Facing Plots
  • North East Corner Plots
  • Other Corner Plots
  • Park Facing Plots
  • East Facing Plots
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Section 1 > Question 4

Can I get a Home Loan to buy a plot here?

Yes, you can get a home loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank (eligibility will be assessed by the bank on a case to case basis and we can connect you to their team to figure out your eligibility free of cost)

However, almost all our investors so far went ahead with self-funding and in some case where they need time to make payment, we offer an installment scheme / extended payment schedule (at a slightly additional cost) which everyone happily opts for as this is still much cheaper than going for a plot loan.

For your idea, most of them are buying the plot with self-funding and for a house construction on a later date, they plan to apply for construction loan (i.e. they plan to take a loan on construction but not for the plot)

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Section 1 > Question 5

What if Krishna River is flooded? How is the project / plots protected / safe from such floods?

While designing the masterplan, our architects have taken into consideration the FTL readings (stands for Full Tank Level) – which refers to the highest level of water in the river, to ensure our project is at a safe height and distance from the river.

Alakananda is located 27 feet ABOVE water line of the Krishna rivermaking it very safe and almost like a TABLETOP where you are looking down into the river – which means NO chance of flooding due to the massive height of the property.

Moreover, we have maintained buffer zone (i.e. Construction Free Zone) of 330 feet or 100 meters from the river banks as green open landscaped spaces – construction of houses / plots begin only after 330 feet – which again leaves enough buffer space to avoid any sort of possible flooding (which ofcourse, is a very remote possibility)

Moreover, Alakananda is located between the Pulichintala Dam (upstream) and Prakasam Barrage at Vijayawada (downstream) and hence by being between these two water control points, you are in a very safe zone as water levels are constantly monitored and maintained to avoid any flooding.

Infact in the 2nd half of 2019, Krishna River saw the worst floods (highest water levels) in the last 40 years and even then, ALakananda RiverFront was totally safe & unaffected – hence assuring you of long term safety and ZERO chances of any flooding.

In a dramatic way just to visualize, if Alakananda is flooded, then you can assume that Vijayawada city itself will be underwater (because it is downstream from Alakananda) – which even for argument’s sake is impossible!

Further, a new & the most modern barrage of AP is being constructed at Vykuntapuram on the Krishna river (near Kanchikacherla, where Munneru river from Telangana joins the Krishna river).

Once this barrage is built, it will lead to even more stable and fuller water levels in the Krishna River, further adding to the long term safety of your plot at Alakananda.

Lastly, the central Govt is building an Inland WaterWay Passenger & Cargo Terminal next to our project for the transport of construction and infrastructure material from this place to Amaravati via barges on the Krishna River.

Hence the Govt itself will constantly monitor and adjust water levels to avoid flooding and ensure enough water for ships to be moving back and forth.

So in a nutshell, you don’t have to worry about flooding related problems at Alakananda as there are multiple checks and balances in place along with a very robust masterplan design to avoid any such problems for the investors.

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Section 1 > Question 6

Are there any Commercial Plots?

Yes, there are limited plots meant for departmental / grocery stores, medical shop & other such commercial requirements of the gated community. These plots are at a premium over and above the residential plot pricing and only ONE ROW of plots is left.

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Section 2

Permissions & Approvals Related Questions

Section 2 > Question 1

Can I get permissions to build my house on the riverfront? Is it legally allowed & is the project approved to be constructed on the river banks?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and a quick answer is YES, we have received all necessary permissions for you to be able to safely construct your dream waterfront home here without any worries!

To do this, we sacrificed almost 48 acres or 1,50,000 Sq Yards of valuable & saleable riverfront land – market value of which is approx Rs.120 Crores! – by leaving 330 Feet or 100 Meters from the river banks upto the 1st plot as a BUFFER ZONE (technically called the “Coastal Regulation Zone”) to comply with the strict CRZ Norms / Riverfront development rules of the Central & State Governments.

Because of this massive buffer zones, the project has already received all permissions and the proof of the pudding is that the 1st house / villa of the project is already under construction after receiving the complete set of permissions from CRDA (the Govt Body that approves all residential layouts).

Hence everything is already tried & tested, so there won’t be any surprise for you!

Alakananda RiverFront is hence not only 100% LEGAL as per rule books but also something that no one else or we ourselves cannot replicate ever again because you will never find a land of this size with 2 side rivers, etc.!

DTCP Approval Number : TLP 111/2017

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Section 2 > Question 2

Is Alakananda a “Zoned Area” i.e. converted for residential use? Are any quality standards & building codes / regulations being followed or enforeced?

Yes, since this is a DTCP Approved gated community – we follow & also require every plot owner to adhere to construction rules & norms equivalent to a GHMC / HUDA incase of Hyderabad or BDA / BBMP incase of Bangalore to ensure highest quality / standard of living within the campus.

You can also apply for loans to construct your house here as its an approved layout for residential purposes!

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Section 2 > Question 3

For the Boat Jetty, do you have permissions / licenses from the Govt to operate the boats & water sports on the Krishna River?

YES, our Boats are registered to the Port Authority + Irrigation & Tourism Department (State Govt) and hence are being run legally as per rules and with the knowledge of the Govt.

The boats are manufactured and operated by a company belonging to our own client from Jacksonville, Florida who has his own boat manufacturing factory near Vijayawada (this is the 1st such facility of AP & Telangana).

This firm also specialises in Water Sports Management and is actively managing 7 other boating facilities / jetties / resorts across AP & Telangana and infact has liability insurance in place for safety.

We are already operating a speedboat and canoes / kayaks with the help of permanent staff who are expertly trained and certified by the National Institute of Water Sports in Goa under the Ministry of Tourism (GoI).

So to summarize, YES, we have all permissions and statutory requirements in place for boating!

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Section 2 > Question 4

Where can I find legal papers / link documents / legal opinion?

To receive a private link to view the complete set of documents, please contact the person who showcased this project.

Once you pay the initial token amount, we will also provide a hard copy of this entire set for your scrutiny if you need hard copy (or else soft copy can be shared anytime).

Your plot will also be registered immediately / on-the-spot against full payment and if you request for instalments or extended payment schedule, we will issue Sale Agreement + Receipts for all payments until final payment upon which plot will be registered and handed over.

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Section 3

Construction & Maintenance Related Questions

Section 3 > Question 1

If I want to construct my home, will you help or do I have to manage on my own?

Yes, we can help you with the entire process of constructing a home – from design and permissions to actual construction and interiors – everything under one roof!

However, you are also free to do this on your own using your own team if you want to do it yourself (in which case, we request you to follow standard guidelines of the community such as timings of labor, material movement, paying usage charges if you use any of the common facilities for this purpose, avoiding littering, paying for any damages caused in the bargain etc)

If you want us to do this, we will help you with the entire construction process, including :

  • Designing the Masterplan including Final Renders
  • Preparing Technical Drawings for Contractors
  • Getting Building Permits from CRDA
  • Appointing & Monitoring Contractor
  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • Sourcing Material
    and anything else as needed from start to finish!

See our Construction Packages page to get a rough idea of how much it will cost to build a house and the specifications and timelines involved.

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Section 3 > Question 2

Is there a deadline / is it compulsory to build a house immediately?

NO, there is no deadline and there is NO compulsion to build your house immediately.

You are free to do so at any time or simply resell the plot after a few years. The choice is yours and you get to decide!

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Section 3 > Question 3

How tall / big can I construct?

Based on the plot size that you own, you will have to build as per DTCP Norms on the maximum height of construction allowed (based on which you can decide how many floors you can construct).

For your ready reference, below is a general summary of how large (in terms of Sft) and how many floors you can build on each plot size.


While DTCP allows upto max of 5 floors on a 500 Sq Yard plots, to maintain a good villa community ambiance, we only allow investors to build maximum of Ground + 2 floors only (infact this is a legal requirement and will be captured in writing in the MOU to be signed by client at the time of registration)

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Section 3 > Question 4

How do you ensure that other plot owners do not spoil the serene ambience by building massive structures or apartments etc?

At the time of registration of their plot, every plot owner has to sign an MoU which has provisions / rules/ guidelines to dictate what can be built and more importantly, what CANNOT be built!

This makes it very clear and ensures a good and healthy ambiance in the long run, to avoid any surprises or disturbance to you and other residents in the future..

  • No Apartments / Multi-Storied / Multi-Family Houses are allowed (i.e. people cannot combine multiple plots and build an apartment, they are only allowed to build ONE house / for one family with a single kitchen per plot)
  • Individual Compound Walls are not allowed for each plot as this will spoil the entire look & feel of the layout and make it look like another city-based concrete jungle! (however, you can still have wooden fences and hedges just to demarcate your plot)
  • No loud / neon / flashy / bright / fluorescent colors for homes, only earthy colors like brown, cream, dark green, etc to be used.

All the above will ensure that Alakananda does not end-up looking like just another layout with all sorts of awkward and loud colors, textures and patterns!

This is another big reason why we are offering this only by invitation, to be sure of the quality of investors / residents of the community and also by educating and appealing to them on basic thinking of developers, keeping final outlook of this once in lifetime project.

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Section 3 > Question 5

How much will it cost to build a house here? And how long does it take?

Construction cost for a good Ground + 1 Floor (average size preferred by most investors) is between Rs.3100 and Rs.3500 per Sft – depending on specifications.

Above price is inclusive of :

  • Architect’s & Structural Engineers Fee
  • Approval Fee & Liaison Charges
  • Material Transport & bringing skilled labor to a non-urban site (costlier than urban sites)
  • Basic soft landscaping (trees & grass)
  • Detailed Specifications as per next few pages
  • Reasonable profit for the contractor

Check our Construction Packages page to get a rough idea of how much it will cost @ 3 different price points / specifications to build your waterfront house here and the timelines involved.

You will be happy to see that prices are very reasonable & on-par with construction cost of villas by reputed developers in metro cities like Hyderabad & Bangalore – where it ranges from Rs.2650/sft to Rs.3250/sft (excluding land cost), depending on the specifications.

After you get permissions, construction will take anywhere from 9 to 12 months on average, depending on the number of floors and specifications.

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Section 3 > Question 6

By when can we move in and build our home?

The first few homes @ Alakananda are already CONSTRUCTED & OCCUPIED (4 more under construction & 7 more about to start, adding upto a total of 20 houses for 2022) and you can infact rent them out to stay with your family as a weekend / holiday home as and when you want too!

(these houses are ready for full time living and their owners are happy to rent them out to other plot owners on a per night basis , like an AirBnB model)

So you too can register your plot right now (on-the-spot registration against full payment) and then apply for construction permission for your individual house on the same day!

These permissions take around 3 to 4 weeks and are issued online, after which you can start construction right away and aim to complete it in 12 to 18 months depending on the number of floors and specifications.

Basic amenities like water and electricity – all of which are supplied via UNDERGROUND and CONCEALED channels to each and every plot – will be made available / completed for all plots in 9 to 12months from now.

Until then, we will provide temporary / above ground water and electricity connections to those who complete their construction in the meantime so you can start living fulltime right away if you want to!

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Section 3 > Question 7

Can I buy multiple plots next to each other and construct apartments?

NO, since this will spoil the ambiance of the project and also disturb views of the neighboring plot owners, no one is allowed to build apartments or any multi-storied building…

You can combine all plots together and build a SINGLE LARGE home if needed but even that should be a SINGLE HOME and that too max of Ground + 2 Floors only.

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Section 3 > Question 8

What kind of soil is it?

The soil at Alakananda is a mix of RED + BLACK + FLAKY soil – which is a perfect mix for BOTH constructions and also very rich & fertile for growing organic fruits & vegetables in your own backyard!

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Section 3 > Question 9

How much are the Maintenance Charges and who will take care of maintenance?

We as developers will take care till of entire project until completion and even after completion – unless the owners’ association wants to take over.

But most of them want us to continue maintaining as that is the best way to ensure long term capital appreciation & proper upkeep of facilities which need professional support etc and hence better off managed by developer / us.

(however we retain the right to decide as to at what stage this should be handed over to association and if need be, maybe in a phased manner)

Maintenance is FREE for 1 year from date of purchase…

(this free duration is subject to change & please check with the team to know the prevailing free term as applicable at the time of your booking)

After this, maintenance charges will be approx as below depending on plot size (per month)* :

  • 266 to 293 Yards : Rs.1800 to 2000
  • 355 & 400 Yards : Rs.2400 to 2700
  • 444 & 500 Yards : Rs.3000 to 3200

Above will include / take care of :

  • Common Electricity
  • Common Maintenance
  • 24 Hours Security at Multiple Times with CCTV Systems
  • Drip Irrigation for Avenue Plantation & Gardens
  • Deweeding / Cleaning of plots (once every 3 months)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant operations and maintenance
  • Common amenities maintenance and staff charges
    etc and all of this will actually add to the value / appreciation of your property value year on year by atleast 20 times more than the maintenance charges!

*this is an estimate and actual figures will be decided according to market norms / prevailing rates at that time.

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Section 4

Miscellaneous Questions

Section 4 > Question 1

Can I come for a site visit?

Of course you can, you are most welcome to come and experience Alakananda!

Please call our team member who showcased Alakananda to you, to schedule a site visit.

We are open 7 days a week but kindly speak to us at least 1 day in advance ideally to fix up a time for a smooth and quick site visit (although we can manage with even few hours short notice as our team is on site 24/7)

Our clubhouse with In-House Kitchen is operational and hence depending on the time of your visit, you can have breakfast / lunch / hi-tea & snacks ON-SITE @ Alakananda itself

(this will save you time and energy as you won’t have to stop at any other food court on the way for this purpose)

Hence you can drive straight to Alakananda without stopping anywhere else in between as everything from food & meals to neat & clean toilets & restrooms are available on-site to make it a very comfortable journey for you.

30 plus team members are living inside Alakananda itself in our dedicated staff quarters with supervisors, guest relations staff & full time cooks to take care of you during your visit – any day of the week.

In fact most of what you eat at Alaknanda – including vegetables, fruits & milk / ghee / curd – is grown, harvested and cooked / prepared completely in-house, from our own Botanical Gardens and Goshala (with 12 cows and buffalos)!

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Section 4 > Question 2

What are the nearest major towns / landmarks?

  • Jaggayyapet (major Tier 3 town just off NH65) : 10 minutes
  • Nandigama (major Tier 3 town on NH65) : 25 minutes
  • Kanchikacherla (major Tier 3 town & intersection point of Hyderabad to Vijayawada NH-65 and the upcoming Andhra ORR) : 45 minutes
  • Ibrahimpatnam (Vijayawada outskirts & nearest entry to Amaravati) : 50 minutes
  • Kodad (major Tier 3 town on NH65, on Telangana border) : 30 minutes
  • Suryapet (major Tier 2 town & district headquarters) : 45 minutes
  • Khammam (major Tier 2 town & district headquarters) : 55 minutes
  • Vijayawada : 70 minutes
  • Hyderabad – 2.5 hours to LB Nagar, 3 hours to Gachibowli
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Section 4 > Question 3

Are there any tourist attractions nearby?

  • Sri Kotilinga Hari Hara Maha Kshetram spread over a record 50 Acres and managed by Endowments Dept of Govt of AP, shares a common compound wall with us!
  • Muktyala Heritage Fort : The private family fort of the Late Mutkyala Maharaja (who descendants own the KCP Group – i.e. KCP Cements, KCP Sugar, etc) is just 10 minutes away in the neighboring village of Muktyala and is being renovated by Tourism Department after being declared / given special status as one of South India’s “Heritage Forts“.
  • Famous Lakshmi Narasimha Vedadri Temple is just 10 minutes by boat from Alakananda’s Private Boat Jetty
  • Sri Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamy Dattashram (SGS Ashram) spread over 2 acres being built right on our compound wall.
  • 1 st Cruise Terminal of AP @ Muktyala : The Inland Waterways Authority of India is constructing a Cruise & Cargo Shipping Terminal on the Krishna River (very close to Alakananda) which will connect this region to Vijayawada, Bhavani Island and Durga Temple by cruise boats!
  • Pulichintala Dam is just 6 Km away
  • Veda-Patashala is just 2 km away
  • Many Buddist and Hindi temple circuits in nearby areas

YES and infact many from far off places and regularly from Hyderabad and vijayawada and other major cities come as tourist to see below which are literally neighbourhood to Alakananda Riverfront.

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Have some more questions?!

If after going through the entire list of questions above, you have still not found answers to your queries here, please contact our team member who showcased Alakananda to you.

 Pre-Launch Now Open! 

Avail the Pre-Launch Price Today!

While we plan to launch this to the general public at a higher rate, you can invest right now at a very special pre-public launch price.

You also have the first-mover advantage of grabbing the best plots of the layout!

All approvals & sanctions received and 70% of work in Phase 1 is already complete.

We have already sold a little over 53% of Phase 1 to our existing investors (we are part of G&C Global, a leading real estate developer & wealth management firm of India with a 15-year-old track record and 1200+ investors across the globe).

Since good plots ones tend to get sold-out first, get started today to enjoy an instant price advantage!

 We will immediately register your plot  against full payment.

With Hyderabad nearing saturation (prices have peaked & become unaffordable and hence people have started looking for cheaper alternative markets to invest), the attention is slowly shifting to under-valued markets that have sufficient upside potential for growth & unique one-of-their kind projects that cannot be replicated very again…

And within Telangana + Andhra and even South India, Alakananda RiverFront stands-out as the only one-of-its-kind for generations to come.

So much so that even people from other states of India / Non-Telugu speaking have begun investing in Alakananda – with investors coming in from Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and as far as Delhi, Punjab & Rajasthan!

To know the Pre-Launch Special Price or to schedule a site visit, please call our team member who showcased Alakananda to you.

Invest today at a discounted rate before we open bookings to the general public at a higher rate in the coming months!