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Located in
the CENTER of
Telangana & Andhra!

Thus appealing to people of both states!

Cradled by the Krishna & Paleru rivers on two sides and the famous Koti Lingala temple + the SGS Ashram on another side, with sweeping river views overlooking the historic Vedadri Templeyou will be in one of the most exotic locations of India!

Gateway to
Andhra & Telangana

Located conveniently close to the border of Andhra & Telangana and strategically BETWEEN Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Amaravati Capital Region, Alakananda is attracting the attention of people of BOTH sides!

  • 14 minutes off Hyderabad – Vijayawada NH65
  • HYDERABAD : 2.5 to 3 hours (185 to 230 Kms)
  • VIJAYAWADA : 75 minutes (78 Kms)
  • Khammam & Suryapet : 55 to 60 minutes

6 laning of Hyderabad to Vijayawada NH-65 in advanced stage
(above photo shot near Nandigama)

Reach Alakananda via a
Super-Fast 6 Lane National Highway!

Excellent Connectivity to Hyderabad & Vijayawada Sides

Imagine zipping along a newly UPGRADED super-fast 4 & 6 lane NH with multiple food courts along the way to keep you recharged! This is already a favorite stretch for bikers & cyclists too, due to the smooth, safe & congestion free roads.

6-laning of Hyderabad to Vijayawada NH is completed from Vijayawada upto Nandigama near the state border (as seen above) & hence you can reach Alakananda in under 75 minutes from Vijayawada & just 2.5 to 3 hours from Hyderabad (and once 6-laning is completed upto Hyderabad ORR, you may reach even faster!)

Alakananda is also right next to the upcoming Inland WaterWays Cruise Terminalwhich is the starting point of National Waterway No.4 on the Krishna River

(explained further below)

4 & 6 Lane Highway (NH65) for Easy & Quick Connectivity

Alakananda is just 14 minutes off the Hyderabad – Vijayawada NH65 and connected to the NH via a 60 Ft Double Lane Road (which will be expanded to 4 lanes), giving you excellent connectivity to Hyderabad on one side & Vijayawada, Guntur & Amaravati on the other side.

Travel on Krishna River (Alakananda to Vijayawada)

The Krishna river, from Muktyala (next to Alakananda) to Vijayawada is being developed by the Central Govt as National Waterway 4 to provide passenger cruise connectivity (i.e river tourism circuit) – putting you within 35 to 40 minutes of Vijayawada & Amaravati by boat!

Access to Andhra Ring Road & Krishna River Bridge Network

Already approved & supported by Central & YSRCP Govt, these major infrastructure developments will make it very easy for you to reach Vijayawada / Guntur / Amaravati within 45 minutes to 1 hour from Alakananda – further enhancing its connectivity.

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Road 1

4 Lane Road
Connecting to NH

Andhra Ring Road
Just 35 Minutes away

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Bridge Arched

Close to Krishna
Bridge Network

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Approved Check Mark

Within CRDA
Limits & Approved

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - River 2

Located on NW4
(National Waterway)

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Cruise Circuits

Passenger & Cargo
Cruise Terminal right next door!

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Barrage

New Barrage @

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Soil

Rich & Fertile
Soil & Water

Inland Waterways Passenger Cruise & Cargo Terminal coming up right next to Alakananda

Water transport is 5x CHEAPER, 2x FASTER & reduces pollution & traffic congestion by over 70%, compared to road transport.

And so as part of “Sagarmala” – the Central Govt’s biggest infrastructure project to develop major rivers of India as shipping channels, the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has begun developing the Krishna River as India’s official National Waterway No.4 (similar to an NH, but on water!)

Once complete, this will allow year-round transportation of goods / construction material on the river and also create a very vibrant river tourism / water sports circuit along the Krishna River – unlocking tremendous traffic to this area, elevating Alakananda and its surroundings.

River transport will become a regular habit for the general public (like how the metro rail in Hyderabad is an integral part of daily life), putting Amaravati & Vijayawada within 30 and 45 minutes by boat respectively from Alakananda – much quicker than traveling by road!

The roads will also be free of congestion as all heavy material like cement, sand & steel will be transported on the river, freeing up the highways – making it easier, faster & more pleasant for you to live here.

As of October 2019, the Central Govt has finalised 8.57 acres just 300 feet next to Alakananda to construct one of 3 permanent Passenger & Cargo Terminals on the Krishna River (NW4)

Alakananda RiverFront - Dredging of Krishna River, Muktyala to Amaravati National Waterways, Amaravati & Vijayawada

Dredging in Progress at Prakasham Barrage
(Rs.144 crores has been spent already on dredging the Krishna River from Muktyala where our project is located upto Vijayawada, with an aim to start commercial and tourism operations by end of 2022)

And best of all, Alakananda is located between Pulichintala Dam (10 mins upstream) & Prakasam Barrage downstream – which means :

  • Absolutely ZERO RISK of flooding as water levels will be continuously monitored and maintained as this segment is located between 2 dams which can control water outflow very precisely.
  • You will always enjoy full water levels 365 days a year – giving you the best & most fulfilling water-sports experience and river views for life!

Real Photo / Drone Shot of Alakananda RiverFront
Major works of Phase 1 already completed!

Possibly a perfect 1-day or Weekend Destination for over 5 lakh people!

The Perfect Weekend Drive for the Family!

Located within 3 hours drive for 5,00,000+ people (considering just 2% of the actual population of Hyderabad, Vijayawada & all major zones/towns in between as the target market), Alakananda will be the perfect weekend getaway / holiday home with something for everyone – kids, adults & seniors!

  • Kids – water sports, plethora of outdoor and indoor sports along the 3 Kms Long riverfront boulevard!
  • Adults – golf driving range, water sports & river cruises, wellness center, botanical gardens, organic farming
  • Seniors – SGS Asrham (Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji) within Alakananda, Koti Lingala temple right next door (2nd largest of its kind in India), famous Vedadri temple (just 10 mins by boat) and the 3 km riverfront boulevard for morning & evening walks along the Krishna river!

Sunsets on the Krishna River at Alakananda RiverFront
(Real Photo / Drone Shot)

Pleasant Weather & Unbeatable Views

With a massive 3 km frontage to 2 rivers, over 7000 acres of lush green surroundings & without any high-rise constructions to obstruct wind-flow, you will experience a constant breeze at Alakananda and enjoy a refreshingly cool & pleasant weather year round (without the humidity or mugginess you would have to suffer through in a big city!)

Fertile Soil & Rich Water Supply

Due to the never-ending year-round availability of mineral-rich fresh river water, this region has one of the most fertile soils for agriculture – which means you enjoy the best organic lifestyle of growing your own fruits & vegetables & beautiful home gardens!

Koti Lingala Temple right Next Door!

This is one of India’s largest temples of its kind (with 120 mini-temples already constructed and 3 lakh Shiva Lingas already present) and is located literally on the boundary wall of Alakananda! With its aim of installing another 97 lakh Lingas, this is becoming a big tourist attraction – and you have the luxury of having it right next to you!

SGS Ashram on Campus

Alakananda is proud to have donated 2 acres of riverfront land for construction of Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji’s Ashram. Declared as “Datta Peetam” by Sri Swamiji himself, this SGS Ashram will be a positive force for the township and is already attracting the attention of his global base of affluent followers!

Vedadri Narasimha Swamy Temple

Located just 5 minutes down the river from Alakananda, this temple is very popular with a huge land bank in its control giving it a huge spiritual tourism potential on the likes of Yadagirigutta near Hyderabad and is already a very popular destination during Krishna Pushkaralu.

Back to Your Roots

The overall ambience of Alakananda will be a seamless mix of contemporary and rustic, to provide a simple yet modern lifestyle. With an overall atmosphere of serenity, it will focus on organic living and an active lifestyle, striking a balance between the two.

Fun Fact!

Near Alakananda, the Krishna River turns to the North – which is considered highly auspicious according to Hindu mythology (called “Uttara Vahini”)

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