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Alakananda RiverFront

TS & AP’s 1st & ONLY Riverfront Gated Community of Villa .PLOTs. on the banks of KRISHNA River!


IMMEDIATE Registration

Homes ALREADY built!

Major works ALREADY COMPLETED in Phase 1 (117 Acres) including Common Amenities as well…

This is a REAL PHOTO, not graphics!

Located at the SANGAM of 2 RIVERS – Krishna & Paleru

With 3 KMS of NON-STOP frontage to 2 rivers, this is the LONGEST Private Waterfront in South India!

ZERO-Risk of Flooding + 100% CRZ (Govt Rules) Compliant
(located 40 Feet ABOVE Water levels, making this absolutely safe, more on this later)

Join 637+ families that have already invested in Alakananda!


50+ Google Reviews (4.8 out of 5) & Verified Testimonials on our website…

This is a REAL PHOTO, not graphics!

What exactly is Alakananda?

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - River

Premium Riverfront Villa PLOTs, in a Gated Community on the picturesque banks of Krishna River – invest in just a OPEN PLOT to start with & later build a home

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - 3 Star Hotel

70+ Acres of High-end, RESORT-style Entertainment facilitiesONLY for plot owners (not open to public, more on this later)

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Construction Material

NO DEADLINE to build right away –  construct your home whenever you want – and we will help you design & build it too!

Use it as an INVESTMENT plot to Resell for Profit – or build a weekend holiday home – the choice is yours!

This is a REAL PHOTO, not graphics!

Why invest in Alakananda?

  • Are you tired of investing in OVER-PRICED apartments and plots in expensive cities like Hyderabad & Bangalore and instead – looking for a reasonably priced option that can safely double in 3 to 4 years?
  • Is your family fed-up of visiting crowded malls & smelly lakes on the weekends and instead – looking for a serene holiday home, away from the congested, polluted & busy city life?
  • Or better still, are you searching for something that can help you achieve BOTH these goals, in a single location?!

If yes, then gift your family a lifetime of blissful weekends & holidayswhile also multiplying your wealth – by investing in this once-in-a-lifetime project of South India!

You can always buy an apartment, villa or plot in cities and towns anytime – there is no shortage of such routine propertiesbut your family will NEVER find another waterfront plot like Alakananda RiverFront!

Watch a 2 Minute Project Trailer…

to see why 637+ families from Telangana & Andhra + many non-Telugu states as well, have already invested in Alakananda and why you too should think of doing the same…

(if this video is not playing on your phone click this link to watch it on a separate page)

Located in the CENTER of Andhra & Telangana

Conveniently on the BORDER of BOTH Telugu states – making it EQUALLY attractive to people on BOTH SIDES – and connected via an excellent, super-fast & recently upgraded 4 / 6 Lane National Highway (NH-65)


Entire land is located .40 FEET. – as high as 3 floors – ABOVE Water i.e. River Levels & hence there is absolutely NO CHANCE of flooding, ever!

(numerous safety measures are in place to protect your investment from floods & heavy rains, explained further below in detail)

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - River

Longest Private Waterfront of South India

 3 Kms of Non-stop water! 

Imagine life @ the sangam of 2 rivers – with FRESH CLEAN WATER, 365 days a yearsurrounded by 12,000 Acres of lush green forest land which means no one to disturb you, for a lifetime!

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Barrage

All Permissions Received, Fully Approved

100% Compliant with Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Rules

By leaving open a massive 330 Feet WIDE No-Construction Buffer Zone from the river bank, Alakananda is built as per strict environmental norms – so you never have to worry about permissions or restrictions in the future…

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - River 2

ZERO-Risk of Flooding

 40 Feet ABOVE Water Levels 

Never worry about flooding or safety of your investment as entire project land is at a massive height of 40 Feet – as much as 3 FLOORS – ABOVE river level, making it impossible for water to ever come-up this high….

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Water Sports

Thrilling Water Sports on the Krishna River!

Private Boat Jetty (Govt Approved), only for Residents

Enjoy speedboats, kayaks & canoes operated by Govt Certified Drivers with Life-Jackets & all safety equipment (NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC, only for you to enjoy in privacy!)


Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Horseriding

Ride into the Sunset, by the River, movie style!

Horse Riding Arena, In-House

With expert-trained RACE HORSES from the reputed Hyderabad Polo & Riding Club (HPRC) and a Resident Jockey (Trainer) to teach you the sport, in-house! For kids, we have a Pony too!

A refreshing change from the usual sports that most people are bored of!

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Holistic Wellness

Botanical Gardens & Wellness Center

22,000 Plants / 52 Varieties / 40 acres!

Relish fresh organic fruits, vegetables & medicinal plants grown in your own backyard!

Rest, recover & rejuvenate for an improved quality of life at our in-house Wellness Center (coming soon)

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - RiverFront Clubhouse

20 Acre RiverFront Clubhouse + Party Lawns

to celebrate Life’s Special Moments here!

Built along a beautiful tree-lined canal & overlooking the Krishna River, with sprawling Party Lawns, Restaurant, Guest Rooms, Banquet Hall, Indoor / Outdoor Sports & much more – to entertain people of all ages!

Alakanda RiverFront - Icon - Meditation and Yoga

Spiritually enriching neighbourhood…

Famous Temples right next to Alakananda!

With the Koti Lingala Temple adjoining our compound wall + Lakshmi Narasimha VEDADRI Temple within 7 minutes boat ride from our boat jetty + world famous SGS Ashram inside our campus, you will enjoy a spiritually & culturally enriching life here!

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Cruise Circuits

Cruise & Cargo Shipping Terminal coming up next door…

Alakananda is located at the starting point of National Waterways 4 (i.e Muktyala to Vijayawada stretch of the Krishna River) – a Central Govt project to develop Krishna river for passenger tourism & cargo transport.

A permanent terminal is being built right next to Alakananda (land acquired & construction beginning soon)making this a major logistics hub and the gateway to Amaravati capital region.

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Senior Citizen Active Living Homes

Ultimate Retirement Spot!

Senior Citizen Active Living Facility

Sit back, relax and make the most of the golden years of your life @ Alakananda, with a dedicated & professionally qualified team of people on-site to take care of your daily food, medical & house-keeping needs (coming soon)

Highly Rated (4.8 on 5)
50+ Google Verified Reviews

Here is why 637+ investors strongly recommend Alakananda!

(testimonials from existing plot owners)

“Truly once-in-a-lifetime chance for any Telugu family to possess an exotic asset on the riverfront! Serene, calm & perfect weekend home for those in Hyderabad – due to its smooth & fast connectivity via NH.”

Dr.Gurava Reddy

Founder, Sunshine Hospitals

(has already finished constructing his holiday home @ Alakananda!)

“Alakananda was “Love at first sight” – as a builder myself, I can only wonder in amazement at the amount of hard work, planning and vision that has gone into creating this unique project!”

Avinash GuptaMD, Asap Constructions (HYD)

“I travelled all the way from Bangalore just to see this project & was so amazed by the waterfront ambiance that I paid my booking amount on-the-spot - without even consulting my family!”

Praveen PVSRVice-President - ABB, Bangalore

“My kids were stunned to so such a beautiful blend of water & greenery at a single location & are now pestering me to build a weekend home so we can come back every Sunday!”

Syam Prasad ChandraBusiness Owner, Hyderabad

“I don’t think anyone can replicate such a pure riverfront project, it’s impossible to find such land ever again! The vision of founders & the views at site - both are equally breathtaking!”

Srinivas VeluguSAP, Germany

“It's the larger-than-life & daring vision of the founder that inspired & made me feel that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get such a rare asset that will be cherished for generations to come!”

Kush BhandariPMC Consultant, Hyderabad

“Everytime I come back, I see non-stop progress of work on-site, which convinced me to invest in the grand vision of the founder - his ideas are daring, but also practical & doable.”

Rajkumar AddadaSenior Faculty, Delhi-NCR

But you don’t have to go by what they say, come & experience Alakananda yourself!

Full Project Walkthrough

See REAL FOOTAGE of Alakananda! Everything you see here – the photos you saw above & video below – is SHOT @ SITE – real images, not graphics!

(if this video is not playing on your phone click this link to watch it on a separate page)

Why invest in Alakananda instead of a “routine plot” in big cities?

 Hyderabad is already overpriced  – plot prices have increased 3 to 5 times in just 3 years from 2019 to 2022 – becoming unaffordable & causing a 70% DROP in SALES in just the first 6 months of 2023 alone!

Bangalore has already saturated a long time ago due to oversupply.

You should hence STOP investing in “just another routine” plotted layouts in saturated metro markets where prices have already peaked.

Instead, be ahead of the curve by spotting & investing in 1st of their kind projects which cannot be replicated ever again, such as Alakananda RiverFront!

At Alakananda, you can acquire land at 1/3rd the cost of land on Hyderabad outskirts and be part of an exclusive group of investors to ever own such a unique riverfront plot in South India!

Take advantage of the Pre-Launch offer to grab the best plots of the layout today!

Post COVID-19, a lot more people are keen on buying something AWAY from the city, for their families to relax & rejuvenate…

There is a massive increase in demand for WEEKEND / HOLIDAY HOMES near Hyderabad – and Alakananda is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend and become the ideal weekend getaway / relaxation spot, with an equal potential for appreciation due to its once-in-a-lifetime riverfront location…

Alakananda RiverFront - Icon - Approved Check Mark

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are you buying a villa or open plot?

You are buying just a OPEN PLOT to start with & can later build a home…

There is NO DEADLINE to build right away – you can construct your home whenever you want…

You can use the plot as an INVESTMENT to Resell for Profit – or build a weekend holiday home – the choice is yours!

What size of plots are available?

PLOT SIZES : 267, 300, 355, 400, 444 & 500 Sq Yards

You can also buy 2 plots together i.e. side-by-side to get a larger price

(for example, buy 2 plots of 500 to get 1000 Sq Yards, as doing so will get you 2 roads on 2 sides and also make it a square share which is much better for construction)

When will you register my plot?

Registration will be done IMMEDIATELY, upon completion of your payment.

Since we have received all approvals and nothing is pending, registration can be done on-the-spot.

For payment timelines and methods, speak to us or your agent / representative.

Do you have to construct immediately?

NO, there is NO DEADLINE or compulsion to build right awayyou construct your home whenever you want – and we will help you design & build it too!

Are these farmlands or approved housing plots?

These are DTCP – Directorate of Town & Country Planning – Approved Housing Plots / Sites, comparable to GHMC / HMDA (Hyderabad) or BDA / BBMP (Bangalore) plots…

This means EVERY plot comes with :
– underground water supply
– underground drains &
– underground electricity,
making them as good as any high-end villa project in big cites.

Which makes it very easy for you to resell for profit and also very easy to build and maintain as holiday homes or retirement spots.

Am I legally allowed to build on the river banks, so close to water?

Wondering if you can get permissions to build your house on the riverfront? Yes, you absolutely can! Learn how Alakananda is fully compliant with the Govt’s Riverfront Protection Norms that govern what can be constructed etc.

Are there any restrictions on what & how much I can build?

Only 2 simple rules to be followed :

  • You have to maintain a certain amount of open space i.e. setbacks on all 4 sides of your plot; and
  • while DTCP allows upto 5 floors i.e. G+5, to ensure that everyone enjoys river views from their plots & to avoid over-crowding (like Kukatpally at Hyderabad!)we are limiting all houses to a maximum of G+2 floorsthough everyone is happy with just G+1 floor itself.

Other than this, there are no restrictions on how many rooms and how much SFT you can build, as long as you maintain setbacks as per DTCP rules and do not go beyond 2 floors at max.

Short on time? Read the Quick Start Guide!

Get a quick overview on all important points – from Location, Amenities & Masterplan to Plot Sizes & Current Status in as little as 15 minutes!


Photo Album of Works Completed So Far

See the tremendous amount of work completed at site, right from Day 1 of how it was as raw land – upto today, where families have BUILT & OCCUPIED homes already!


Major Works
already completed!

Plot Formation + All Main & Internal RoadsCompleted

RiverFront Clubhouse with Party LawnsOperational

Private Boat Jetty with Water SportsOperational

Avenue Plantation with Drip IrrigationCompleted

Botanical Gardens with 22,000 PlantsCompleted

1st few homes – Already constructed & Occupied!

and a lot more work is in full-swing!

Pre-Launch (Phase 1) – Now Open!

(grab the best plots before we open this up to general public)

Next : Explore Location

Designed to be the best ever in its category for Andhra Pradesh & Telangana!


Invest today at the Pre-Launch Discounted Rate before we open bookings to general public at a higher rate!