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Alakananda Riverfront is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to build your riverfront home – perfectly suited as a weekend holiday home to begin with now and then scaling up at a later date as a retirement home for you or your parents in the most serene ambiance!

Residents at Alakananda have already started constructing their dream waterfront homes, with the first ones among them being :

  1. An NRI from Chicago whose parents would use the home on weekends and his kids would enjoy the home when they visit India.
    800 Sq Yards plot  | 1100 sft Built Up Area
  2. A famous doctor from Vijayawada
    1400 Sq Yards plot (2 plots together on riverfront) with 1200 Fft Built Up Area (building plans being finalised)
    True to our priority of long term relationship building, we encourage our clients to start with smaller homes and then expand as and when they need more space, instead of spending too much upfront and then spending more on maintenance.
  3. A group of NRIs from Florida, USA are setting up low-cost & prefabricated polyfiber homes on their plots to rent them out to weekend destination vacationers from Hyderabad, Vijayawada and other surrounding cities.
    266 sq yard plot  | 250 sft Built Up Area

Nowhere else in South India will you get a chance to build a home in a riverfront township with a plethora of amenities such as a golf driving range, botanical gardens, private jetty with water sports, clubhouse, multiple temples in the vicinity and much more!

Want to build your house here but worried about maintenance cost & how to manage it?

Scroll down further to see how our “Rental Sharing Model” at Alakananda can make your holiday home maintenance-free at ZERO cost to you!

Complete Design and Construction Assistance

We can help you with the complete cycle, end-to-end : from designing to constructing and furnishing your home completely as per your desire and ideas.

We can also handle the sanction process with CRDA to help you get all building approvals.

The cost of construction (bare shell) can range between Rs.2400 to 3500 per Sft depending on the design, specifications and materials used.

Model Villa

To showcase the style and ambience of villas that we are visualising in Alakananda, our team has designed a 2 BHK model villa with a traditional look & feel and with all modern amenities & specifications and is Vaastu compliant.

Designed with a built up area of 1700 sft on 2 plots of 266 sq yards each, the house is built on one plot and the other one plot is reserved for a rich landscaped garden with gazebos, bbq pits, etc. The 2 bedrooms have been designed larger than regular houses.

Our team can customize this plan for any size plot and add or remove any spaces as per your requirement.

The First House

A 1100 Sft home is being built on an 800 sq yard pure riverfront plot near the SGS ashram. It has 7 fully grown Mango trees and the house will be built in between them without disturbing them.

  • The design, construction, and interiors are being completely handled by the Alakananda team.
  • The home is currently spread on a single level with the 1st floor terrace being used as a sitout with a gazebo having undisturbed views of the Krishna river and also overlooking the 330 feet wide landscaped buffer zone.
  • The owner can expand and build the 1st floor whenever they need more space by applying for permissions for extension of the building.
  • CRDA permissions were processed within 21 days by our team.

Construction is already in progress…

Actual Photo of Plot No.850 under construction

Low-Cost Prefab Dome Houses

– Low Investment & Low Maintenance
– Safe, Sound & Durable

These low-cost dome houses are made up of 18 to 25 separate hexagonal panels that are prefabricated from fiberglass reinforced plastic and assembled on-site in just 3 weeks!

Each house has 330 to 660 Sft of living space including an air-conditioned bedroom with queen-size bed, TV and bathroom with high-end fittings.

Can be customised in size, color & interior configuration – ranging from 330 to 660 Sftand multiple units can be combined to form one large house.

Starting at just Rs.8.75 lakhs onwards (all inclusive of fencing, landscaping, interiors, furniture & fitouts)

First 2 Dome Houses being assembled on 266 Sq Yard sites

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Rent Out your
Holiday Home

Make it Maintenance Free!

Rental Sharing Agreement for Stress-Free Maitenance

The largest hurdle in owning a weekend holiday home is the difficulty and cost of maintenance as these homes need to be used regularly to keep them in good condition.

The latest trend is to construct your dream home and rent it out as a holiday home for most part of the month, whenever you are not using it.

The aim here is to make the property maintenance-free where income takes care of all maintenance costsso you never have to pay anything out of your pocket to own such a home.

The holiday home stay rentals market is taking-off in India in a big way due to an increasing preference for boutique private homes instead of regular resorts or hotels – as private homes offer greater value-for-money, flexibility, privacy and a homely ambiance. 

Websites like AirBnB have made it very easy for you to market your property to a large audience from across the country.

You need to have just one person as a caretaker who can welcome guests & maintain the house – where their salary will be paid out of the rental income itself.

Going one step further, we can handle this part for you – by using our own in-house team to maintain and rent-out your houses without you having to manage your own caretakers – freeing up your valuable time and energy so you can focus on actually enjoying your propertyrather than worrying about how to maintain it!


A typical 2 BHK home spread over 1200 sft can easily earn a minimum of Rs.2500 per night.

So if you rent out your home for just 5 to 7 nights a month (a very conservative estimate, considering only weekends as of now), you can easily earn Rs.12,000 to 15,000 per month – and we can maintain & manage your home by sharing 40% of gross revenue (i.e. giving you 40% of total income before expenses) where we take complete responsibility of operational expenses, making it ZERO maintenance for you!

Ofcourse this is only a suggestion and many investors find this idea appealing and plan to buy a plot & build a low-cost dome house like above to enjoy best of both worlds – enjoy the property themselves but also make it maintenance-free by renting out as holiday home to others…

Inspiration for Your Dream House

We have created a collage of images that will provide some inspiration in designing your dream home. This will also give you an idea of the design aesthetic we are aiming for in the community.

Copyrights of each image belong to respective owners

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