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Though it has made good progress since inception, Amaravati is going through a turmoil and prices have fallen by 30% to 40%!

However, despite this confusion over the last few months – even after the new Govt taking charge – people have continued to invest in Alakananda and prices have NOT fallen even a single rupee here.

And you may be surprised to know that most of our existing investors in Alakananda are from Hyderabad & Telangana and even professionals / businessmen from Bangalore are finding Alakananda to be a unique project compared to saturated markets in Bangalore and Hyderabad!

This is because they strongly believe that Alakananda RiverFront has NOTHING to do with Amaravati and is NOT dependent on Amaravati in any way.

Scroll down to see the 2 big reasons.

Where to invest in today’s saturated markets?

It is no secret that major markets like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and even Hyderabad, which was growing rapidly for the past 3 years, are saturated.

Today, every market has multiple good quality developers and 100s of projects which have similar features (clubhouse, swimming pool, etc). This makes resale difficult as the investor has to compete with 1000s of others in the market, purely on the price.

To make money in real estate now, you should invest in something that is unique and can never be replicated – and not “just another plot or apartment”!

At a low price which allows room for appreciation and multiplication.

Every apartment project looks like this.

Every villa plots project looks like this.

So why Alakananda?

Investors are buying plots in Alakananda for 2 main reasons :

Reason No.1

They want to be part of South India’s and also AP & Telangana’s 1st & Only RiverFront Gated Community of Villa Plots on the Banks of the Krishna River

Nowhere else in South India will you find such a unique resort-themed residential layout, with a plethora of amenities such as :

  • 330 ft Wide & 3 kms Long River Frontage to 2 Rivers!
  • Riverfront Clubhouse with Restaurant & Party Lawns
  • 6 Acre Riverfront Golf Driving Range & Putting
  • Water Sports with Private Boat Jetty
  • 40 acres BOTANICAL GARDEN with 9500 plants!
  • Horse Riding & Training Center
  • SGS Ashram & Koti Lingala Temple on one side
  • Vedadri Temple & Muktyala Fort on another side
  • Inland Waterways Cruise Terminal coming up next door

and much more @ just 1/4th the cost of barren, empty & routine “run-of-the-mill” plots on Hyderabad outskirts – making this tremendous value-for-money and a much better alternative!

Krishna River @ Alakananda (on the right side)
This is something you will never find in any other project in South India.

This makes Alakananda a unique Riverfront project that cannot be replicated – while lakhs of people dream of a riverfront home!

When you invest in limited supply versus unlimited demand, it means easier resale with healthy appreciation and no competition.

Reason No.2

Alakananda is very well connected to Hyderabad and Vijayawada via a Super-Fast, Super-Smooth & Signal Free 4 & 6 Lane NH65 (which is now getting upgraded to 6 Lanes, work already in progress)

Conveniently located on the border / IN THE CENTER of Telangana & AP – thus appealing to people on both sides!

Imagine zipping along a congestion-free 4 Lane highway all along with multiple food-stops along the way to keep you recharged!

You can reach Alakananda with your family in just 3 hours from Hyderabad and just 60 minutes from Vijayawada– making this very easy to reach!

Even those in Khammam, Warangal, Surpayet, Kodad (in Telangana) can reach Alakananda in 45 minutes to 3 hours at most – making this a perfect weekend getaway for your family and kids and later, a wonderful retirement home on the banks of Krishna River!

Alakananda is an All-India Attraction

Investors in Alakananda include people from not just Telangana & Andhra but also from Karnataka, Orissa, Delhi, Kerala & Tamil Nadu as on date and we are sure of adding a few more states in the coming months!

And so independent of whatever happens to Amaravati (it will anyways continue to grow in the long-run),

Alakananda RiverFront will develop & flourish independently

To understand why visitors and investors are calling this a once in a lifetime project,

take a Virtual Tour of Alakananda RiverFront.

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