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Investor Testimonials

Suneel Akkineni

Director, Deutsche Bank

I visited Alakananda only to validate my younger brother’s purchase of a plot here, but was so impressed with the project that I ended up buying a plot myself!

There are 3 things that impressed me most.

The first and obvious one is the beautiful location & great connectivity.

The view of flowing Krishna & Paleru waters in the morning is priceless and the fact that I can reach there in 1 hour from Vijayawada – or 3 hours from Hyderabad – makes it even sweeter.

The second factor is the riverfront community concept that G&C has come up with and the thought that went into the project planning is very impressive.

In a way, it’s a multi-purpose investment / community i.e. retirement home, weekend home, or a holiday home rental – without competing objectives and the flexibility of investing for multiplication and family holidays.

The third and the most impressive factor is Mr. AVR Chowdary and his family’s commitment to this project. They all are fully & deeply involved to the development of this project.

One interaction and you will quickly realise that they are unlike any of the promoters / developers you would have met till now.

All you have to do is to visit the project site and speak to the promoters and I bet you would not return back without booking a plot or two!

As a bonus, you will also come back with ideas on how to maximise the return on this investment and general insights on real estate investments and markets across India!

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