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Investor Testimonials

Sri Krishna Pothuboyina

Software Engineer, Dish Network Corp
Denver (Colorado), USA

We were looking for a prospective property in and around Hyderabad’s vicinity for a pleasant weekend home.

While in search, my brother-in-law recommend the Alakananda project – he had already invested in the project previously and also the developer’s previous projects in India and hence the credibility and reputation of the group were also known and not a concern.

The project matched our desire of owning a house by the river and yet with all the amenities and comforts of city life and more importantly, located at a very short and reachable distance to the highway as well.

On my recent visit to India, we made a short trip to the place.

The charm of pleasant open spaces, nature walks in the boulevard near the riverfront, and loads of greens and sceneries reminded us of our village atmosphere!

Yes, this is the home of all things where we live the experience and life restarts.

I luckily had the company of the company founder AVR Chowdary garu who was also on-site that weekend and was able to answer our questions.

While initially impressed with the project specifications, I was finally convinced to invest based on the vision of the founder and his team and can see the effort that has been put into the project and am excited to see where this goes.

I have invested in 2 plots next to each other to construct a villa that matches our taste in the near future.

The registration process was explained in detail and Jhashank’s team helped at every stage, adding to our comfort.

I would definitely recommend my friends and family to Alakananda.

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