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Investor Testimonials

Sravan Krovidi

Information Technology

(client requested for his photo, employer name and location not to be displayed)

I have seen and visited numerous real estate projects – but none of them stood out the way Alakananda did!

As a Civil Engineer, I could visualise the amount of planning and visualisation that has gone into something as large and grandeur…

I was even more surprised that projects like this are being done in India as while living in USA, we take these for granted but in the Indian context, this was quite unexpected!

While I had already learnt about most of the amenities and location before visiting the project, the site visit further reinforced my confidence in this and its viability.

I feel this is a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of overpacked & rushed city lives

Highly recommend this as a good investment to make money and to also acquire a property that you and your next generation will be proud to be associated with!

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