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Investor Testimonials

Seshan Balaji

Senior Engineer, Electricity & Water Authority
Based in Manama, Bahrain (native of Coimbatore)

Back in India, we live in a prestigious gated community in Coimbatore – (among the best in its category) – something we are proud of, since it is steeped in dense greenery with salubrious weather, being close to Ooty.

While we are currently shuttling between Bahrain and Coimbatore for work, we plan to finally retire in Coimbatore, since we are natives of Tamil Nadu.

But after a visit to Alakananda Riverfront, we felt a huge difference, especially in the scale of the project and its planning with abundant greenery & water!

This project is indeed incomparable for its unique handshake with 2 rivers on 2 sides and land laden with nature’s abundance, surrounded by 12,000 acres of forest land.

I am of the opinion that this will remain one of the best gated communities in India for many more years to come.

Though we have never been to Andhra Pradesh before, my wife and I are spiritually inclined and felt a very positive vibe when we visited Alakananda, despite having no prior knowledge of the location and its surroundings.

We were even tempted to think of setting up a small meditation center!

We have purchased 750 sq yards in Alakananda to construct our 2nd home, apart from our Coimbatore home – as there are daily flights to Hyderabad from Coimbatore and look forward to living in a community of positive & nature oriented people!

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