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Investor Testimonials

Satyanarayana Raju Uppalapati

Sr. Engagement Manager, Amazon
Florida, USA

After living in 4 states and in many homes across USA, my wife and I got used to and always enjoyed living in a lakefront house!

When we started looking for a similar community to build our dream house in Andhra, my wife came across Alakananda and made a quick pit-stop at the project while travelling from Hyderabad to Vijayawada in November 2023.

She visited the community with an open mind and with no prior information about the project

The promoter Mr.Chowdary and his son met us personally and gave us a walk-through of the venture – and I was blown away with their vision!

Lot of things have been thought through, to come up with the project…

I wanted to build a house where I can retire with all facilities on par with my living standards in the USA and Alakananda seemed to have the potential to fulfil all such desires and could witness their vision becoming reality while walking through the grown gardens and construction happening in the community.

It was an easy decision for me to be part of the community and the whole registration process was a breeze and was entirely handled remotely without the need of our physical presence…

We received the registered papers in our hand without visiting the community again and we did everything after travelling to the USA.

The project vision is well presented in the website with ALL REAL PICTURES, but the real pleasure is visiting in person and having a walk-through.

My recommendation to potential buyers is to just visit the place once, like a weekend road trip.

While that is logically the first step, in my opinion, it will be your last step to make a decision!

Good job by the Alakananda team, I am happy to be part of this beautiful community and would surely recommend this to others!

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