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Investor Testimonials

Sangeetha & Krupakar Reddy

Project Manager (Data Science),
Thermofisher Scientific
Hyderabad, India

We invested in Alakananda firstly, for its promising potential for appreciation and secondly, to build our family’s second home – as here, we have the flexibility to build the way we want, with our ideas of a nature oriented home.

This may eventually become our retirement home as well, being centrally located to both states.

It was an easy decision to make, as we never heard of a riverfront project anywhere in India and also it aligns with both long-term investment goals – multiplication & weekend / retirement home.

This is something we don’t find with any other project where we have to choose only 1 goal…

But with Alakananda, we know that if a weekend home is not practical for us in the future, we can sell the plot for great returns.

We plan to build a holiday home soon, combining leisure and investment.

And if you like that flexibility of either reselling with multiplication or building a weekend home, we would recommend Alakananda for its strategic development plan by maximising enjoyment of their unique riverfront, while also protecting the river & nature, preserving and increasing its value for future generations.

G&C’s approach stands out due to its seamless digital experience – the Alakananda website is one of the most comprehensive real estate websites we have seen with real drone photos of the site instead of just graphics – and data-driven insights on the market and investment potential.

The registration was handled completely by them without us having to go to the registrar office and the sale deed was delivered by their staff to our doorstep, offering a very hassle-free, informed and convenient process.

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