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Investor Testimonials

Sameera Mulpuri

Manager – Business Analytics (P&C Insurance)
Duck Creek Technologies

Boston, USA

Straight off the bat, I must confess that the promoters are related to me and hence I never had to look into or worry about the credentials or background of the builders.

Nevertheless, being a numbers & analytics person myself, I took my time to study the project, its area potential and potential drawbacks and only after a full 2 years of watching non-stop progress of work in Alakananda, did I go ahead and invest.

While I will continue to be in the USA for the foreseeable future and may not immediately enjoy the property, I do intend to build a cosy retirement home for my mother who currently lives in Khammam – another reason for me to invest here as it is just 55 Kms to my hometown.

With relatives in Hyderabad (Telangana) and Vijayawada (Andhra) and with my hometown being Khammam, Alakananda falls perfectly in between this triangle, making it both an investment for resale but also an ideal get together holiday home spot whenever I am in India and also being a ultimate retirement spot for my mother.

I was among the last few investors to grab the 444 Sq Yards size which now seems to be sold-out and have seen prices go up significantly from the time I invested, not very long ago.

Compared to cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore which have already reached peak levels and I feel will not see substantial jumps in prices, Alakananda on the other hand seems to be a good chance to enjoy significant appreciation…

Maybe to the tune of even 100% in say 3 to 4 years – something which is anyways not possible in metro cities these days.

Highly recommend it for the above reasons and I am now tempted to think of a smaller 2nd plot from a resale angle as the 1st one I will be keeping for sure.

After getting used to living in the US – especially the spread out green suburbs – I feel suffocated when back in Hyderabad or Vijayawada or even Khammam for that matter due to rapid concretisation…

And so whenever I choose to relocate back to India – thanks to my work being remote – I have a strong hunch that I may end up living here full-time, while my son is off to boarding school and beyond!

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