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Investor Testimonials

Sai Raghu Chitteboina

Consultant, Deloitte
Dallas, TX, USA

I feel exuberant to pen this testimonial as Alakananda is the most prestigious investment I have made so far!

Main motive for me to invest in Alakananda is the exquisite location and the vision behind this riverfront project – I was sold right at the moment I heard about the location, being adjacent to Krishna River – so went ahead and booked it even before seeing it in-person!

I first visited Alakananda in March 2022, AFTER the plot was fully paid for and registered and was awestruck with the developments that had taken place within the last couple of years.

As an NRI, I am used to hearing a lot about projects in India, only to be disappointed that most of the amenities & features advertised by builder never get implemented in the projects finally

But incase of Alakananda, all the statements that were made in their brochures and website were over-delivered, something I was not expecting at all and this is another reason I am confident of recommending this to others!

The project location and the larger-than-life vision of its founder AVR Chowdary is the sole main reason I would recommend this as a compulsory investment for any Telugu family…

While initially the idea was to invest in this to resell in a couple of years, after seeing the place, I am tempted to keep it and build a dream vacation home someday for myself or my parents & in-laws to enjoy as they are based nearby in Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

Lastly, working with the team of Alakananda has been a pleasant experience as not only did they make the entire process very smooth and seamless – which is very important for an NRI like myself as this is where most of the builder’s let us down – but it was also obvious that the team and founders have put their heart and soul into this project!

They also organized an overnight stay at the campus for my family to experience it from sunrise to sunset…

Kudos to the entire team and Mr.AVR Chowdary for making us feel so comfortable during our stay, we were treated no less than how guests would be treated in a 5-star property!

To conclude, like the developer says, this is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – something you can invest in and go to sleep peacefully, no matter which part of the world you live in as the team and their passion and vision will make it a landmark in South India for sure.

To the founder, I convey my regards and we feel incredible associating with them in such a prestigious venture, they have won our hearts!

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