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Investor Testimonials

Reethika & Srinivasa Praneeth

Benchmarking & Reporting Specialist @ Boehringer Ingelheim (Praneeth)
Cloud Advisory Analyst @ Accenture (Reethika)
Stuttgart, Germany

As a couple, we were drawn to Alaknanda Riverfront by its exceptional location and promise of a serene holiday home.

Upon reviewing the brochure and images, we already made the decision to purchase a plot – even before visiting!

However, after visiting the site and experiencing the variety of activities available along with the opportunity to access fresh vegetables directly from the farm, our interest was significantly elevated.

Without a doubt, we knew that Alakananda would become our top destination for weekend getaway with a manageable journey from Hyderabad.

Our decision was instant and though we flew back to Germany after paying the token, the entire transaction was handled online and even registration was completed without our physical presence, which was refreshing and took the hassle out of the process.

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