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Investor Testimonials

Ravi Theja Karnatakam

Software Engineer, Amazon
California, USA

As a parental sentiment or investment practise, I made a real estate investment for my 1st child on his / her birth – and so when I had my 2nd child, I decided to do the same and buy another real estate piece – meaning 1 for each child, in the typical India parent fashion!

However, my investment experience in real estate is moderate at best, despite having bought multiple plots and apartments back in India over the years, post my shifting to USA.

I came across Alakananda Riverfront very randomly on social media and after just a few minutes of seeing their real photos and videos, I felt this is too good to be true – that too in India – and just out of curiosity, contacted them for more info.

One of their senior team members reached out to me and over the next few days, walked me through the project and the neighbouring developments in a detailed fashion – again something I did not expect or experience during my previous investments in India.

Since physically I couldn’t visit the location, I asked if there is a way to do a video call tour of the project and they agreed and infact this was done in parallel with another local investor who was on site at the same time and so I was convinced that its all genuine….

More importantly, what I had seen on the website and brochures was EXACTLY what was happening on the ground – and that gave me a lot of confidence to proceed.

Lastly, just as I was on the verge of making the token payment, the team told me that they were planning to visit Bay Area and conduct roadshows and so I also got to meet the Founder himself along with the senior team in person.

Factors that helped in my decision making :

1. Their grand, larger than life vision, especially to develop a project of this calibre in India, impressed me as they were also implementing this vision without cutting any corners

2. Consistency in information across multiple conversations, their website, brochure and videos – everything was in sync and nothing seemed out of place, including their testimonials as well which all reinforced my confidence in their credibility etc.

3. Meeting founders in person was a bonus and coincidence and infact after meeting them, I got tempted to think of picking up a 2nd plot as well which I am pooling up funds for.

4. Transparency in the process and the smooth & seamless way in which even registration of my plot was handled without my physical presence or even bothering / involving any of my family members back in India.

Despite the horror stories we hear of real estate investments in India going wrong and people being taken for a ride etc, this experience has been in total contrast and a refreshing change and has encouraged me to think of other investments as well!

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