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Investor Testimonials

Ramamurthy Patibandla

TEQRA Global Engineering
Visakhapatnam, AP

When I first learned about Alakananda through social media, the details showcased on their website & brochure fascinated me to such an extent that I was eager to buy a plot – without even visiting the location!

The main attraction was the project’s large area – directly facing a water body, specifically at the confluence of 2 rivers.

I had been searching for a waterfront location like this for a long time – something peaceful & serene but with modern facilities, strategically located to reach the capital cities of both Andhra and Telangana, with excellent connectivity to NH.

As the English saying goes, “Seeing is believing” and so I finally visited the project and could very easily spot the meticulous planning and dedication to implementing this mega project with numerous facilities.

I felt that Alakananda would be unmatched in both AP and Telangana – like they say “Never before and Never after!

I immediately booked a plot on my very first visit and the entire remaining transaction – including registration – was completed over the phone & emails without my physical presence and the process was hassle-free, thanks to the friendly management.

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