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Investor Testimonials

Rajesh Mandava

Senior Consultant @ SAP America
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The best happens when you least expect it!

When I was stuck in India during Covid and was trying to make the best of my time, one of my family acquaintances – who is also a Real Estate Agent – approached us saying we must visit this place called Alakananda for whatever it may be worth.

This was when everyone was investing in the much hyped & booming Hyderabad market and so I was very hesitant, and asked him why I should even bother to spend half a day, that too amid Covid, to travel one hour to see a venture which we obviously may not be interested in!

I thought he would try to force me to invest in another routine plotted layout and told him we are not interested…

To this he politely replied saying this is something that has never been done before with a 3 km Riverfront which is 1st time in India etc and in the worst case, he said it will be a nice long drive and family picnic, whether we buy it or not and he then sent us a e-brochure of the venture.

I was the first one in my family to look at the brochure and I was simply shocked by the pictures and video and looking at my expressions, my mother who was sitting right beside me asked why I am looking so surprised and when I showed her the photos, she too was surprised!

We had been holed-up in our house for almost 3 months by then and after looking at the brochure, we got tempted to take that offer for a half-day family picnic trip, or at least that’s what we had to say to convince my father!

The date was fixed and we started from Vijayawada at around 6 in the morning…
I’m a nature lover and I feel at my best when I’m in touch with all the 5 elements (i.e. Pancha Bhuthas), an avid yoga practitioner by choice and an IT Consultant by profession.

As we entered the venture, there was this Dejavu moment – the space felt like a mini-Ramoji film city and my father uttered the same words before I could, and with that we had the 3rd surprised person in our family after me, my mother and now my father!

From the minute I set foot in the venture, it was like I was waking up from a series of dreams, dreams of what I envisioned a living environment should look like and be like!

And all that was translating into a reality as I go on the 310 acre tour, gazing at the surreal sights of mountain back-drops, two rivers at their majestic flow merging with one another saying, we are all one, a Koti Lingala temple (with 300,000 lingas out of 1 crore already in place) on one side and a 11th century holy temple on the other end of the venture…

It is such a happy place!

My heart was overflowed with joy upon finishing the tour and my mind and my heart were in a perfect synchronyboth saying, take it, take it!

My parents were also equally elated and so we made a spot-decision to invest and zeroed-in on a plot – which I proudly say – will be a pride asset for my family for generations to come!

Within a week, I took along 3 of my childhood friends – 1 from Hyderabad and 2 from Vijayawada – to the site and they too ended up purchasing a plot each.

And another 2 friends from the UK & USA simply purchased it without even seeing it in person and even registered their plots within 1 week without having to travel to India.

My immediate plan is to build a holiday home in the near future, so not only I can make use of it along with my family and friends but we could also give it as Revenue Sharing managed by the establishment.

Who wouldn’t want a perfect weekend get-away within an hour’s reach and that too to your own home away from home?

I’m considering purchasing at least one more plot with an intention to resell one after 4 to 5 years because of which the 1st plot becomes free!

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend G&C and the team as a one-stop-shop for Real-estate investment for those who look to invest, yielding high ROI’s.

They also helped me realise that Hyderabad market is oversaturated and overpriced and definitely not worth investing as there is no scope for further appreciation with even outskirts going at an average of Rs.30,000/sq yard.

Integrity, insight, inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership and that’s what I learnt after several interactions with G&C Chairman, A.V.R garu, a thorough gentleman who mastered the art of fulfilling the aspirations of everyone who associates with him.

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