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Investor Testimonials

Rajesh Bhogadi

Director, Infoera Solutions
Sydney, Australia

When we first visited Alakananda – through a friend who referred G&C – we were impressed by the unique location on the banks of Krishna and Paleru rivers, and the serene surroundingswhich is in fact one of its greatest advantages of this project, over any other project in both Telugu States.

We were also impressed by the vision of the promoters, to develop this project into a one-of-its-kind & once-in-a-lifetime riverfront community…

And most impressive & convincing of its potential was its great connectivity and proximity to Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Amaravati – infact Alakananda seems to be right in the centre of this triangle of 3 core cities of Telangana and Andhra!

Our primary goal is to build a holiday home in a project that prioritises green cover with abundant fruit and vegetable plantations over commercial aspects of maximising land use for construction.

The rapid infrastructure development projects underway close to the site – the new bridge on Krishna and National Waterways terminal next door – will also yield great returns over years for investors particularly interested in capital appreciation.

As one of the initial investors in the project, we can say that G&C management has been consistent in progressing the project work and sharing updates regularly with investors.

And as a company with a huge NRI client base, we are confident that Alakananda will turn out to be a project that will be a lifetime investment opportunity for families who choose to invest here!

Unlike most of the traditional real estate developers who like to complete the project and move away after making some quick gains, G&C has shown deep commitment & long term involvement, as this is their flagship project.

My family stayed overnight at the project site in December 2023 and experienced the sunrise and the serenity of the area and their feedback has reaffirmed our trust in the project.

For those who would like to build their own sanctuary in the lap of nature for their families and with good capital appreciation, Alakananda will tick all the boxes!

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