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Investor Testimonials

Poornima K Vishnubhotla

Teacher, Trainer & Educationalist
Founder – 4th Dymension
Hyderabad, India

My decision and thought process of investing in Alakananda may be useful guidance for others who are looking to buy a plot here – as despite not having as much experience as other seasoned investors out there, from what I have seen and come across in my life so far, Alakananda truly stands out as a benchmark!

Though I may not be as informed or up-to-date as most other real estate investors, the consequence and learnings of my other investments – both good and bad ones – has given me enough clarity of what I must look for in a property as a buyer…

Over the years, based on above learnings, I have made a personal checklist of what I now look for while evaluating each and every real estate investment :

I want a “happening” calm place

I want “commutable” remoteness

I want “organized” wilderness

I want “reachable” solitude

I want “unreligious” divinity

And above all, I want an option which is the most ideal possible mix of a) profitable investment + b) Holiday or Retirement Home + c) Pollution free-atmosphere + d) Like-minded neighbors + e) Ready-to-use amenities (which I don’t have to maintain on my own) + f) All-round Development in a naturally sustainable way…

Alakananda ticks almost all the above and knowing that it is almost impossible to recreate or find another project that can tick any more boxes than Alakananda, I am very content with my investment here!

This is one of the few decisions I have made in life, without a single shred of doubt or 2nd thought.

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