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Investor Testimonials

Piyush Sharma

Services Outsourcing & Customer Experience Consulting
New Delhi

Being from Delhi, all my investments in real estate have been in and around Delhi-NCR so far.

I was introduced to Alakananda by a friend from Hyderabad, who had already invested in it himself.

Having no intention to invest so far away from Delhi, I wasn’t too keen initially, but the following day, I did visit the website and was taken aback with what I saw and read!

Never in my 20+ years of investing, have I seen such a comprehensive website, especially of companies in the real estate sector – the more I read, the more questions I had and the more answers I found on the website.

There was detailed information about every aspect of the project along with actual pictures, which really impressed both, my wife & me.

After getting answers to a few more questions from my friend, who in turn introduced me to Jhashank, I had a 2 hour video call with him on 19th Feb, which ensured that my wife and I land up in Hyderabad the VERY NEXT WEEKEND on 24th Feb, instead of 20th March which was our original plan!

(actually, the original plan was, not to invest at all 😊)

We visited the site on 25th Feb and our mind was made up by the time we finished the site tour…

The place is even more beautiful and serene than what it seems in the photos on the website, and that is when it hit me – that most people, like me, will not be able to realise until they visit the site that it really is “once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to build your riverfront home” in such an exotic location!

While the website and conversations prior to the visit had me prepared with a certain expectation, I had full realisation only after visiting the place in person!

I got to meet Divyendhu, who manages groundworks on site and also spoke to Mr.AVR Chowdary and was truly impress by both – Jhashank had already impressed us immensely with his knowledge, positive attitude, sincerity, responsiveness, etc.

The passion and commitment that the whole team has, will surely turn the plans for the project into reality in not too distant future.

Every aspect of my interaction with the Alakananda team has been outstandingI appreciate the transparency they have in their dealings and fully trust them to deliver on their commitments.

I wish Mr Chowdary and team all the very best and look forward to seeing Alakananda come to life soon.

I highly recommend the project to people looking to build a unique long-term asset and also to those who are looking for a great investment opportunity.

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