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Investor Testimonials

Milind Renapurkar

Senior Manager (Development),
Commvault Systems India Pvt Ltd
Hyderabad, India

I first heard about Alakananda through a relative of mine and my interest in it was only casual at first, mostly because of the distance to Hyderabad and more so because I had already finalized another investment in Hyderabad around this time…

I however visited the property along with my father-in-law and cousin – but merely out of curiosity, without any serious thought of buying it…

But all that changed the moment I stepped out of the car and was hit by the beautiful green expanse of Alakananda!

The place was green, calming & bright, with such a positive vibe to it that despite having visited numerous properties elsewhere, but never felt the way I did here at Alakananda, it was surely something special.

We were taken on a tour of the property, but I needed only half of it as I had already made up my mind mid-way that I was going to invest here and don’t think I paid much attention to what the promoter Mr.AVR Chowdhary was saying about the growth prospects!

I was just thinking which plots to pick and that I must pick them fast, knowing very well that after seeing this project, I will not feel like investing in projects in Hyderabad city anymore and infact withdrew from one after making an initial payment after seeing Alakananda!

I must say that the drive and vision of AVR Chowdhary sir about this project also played a big role in my decision to invest in Alakananda, not to mention his personal integrity which convinced me further that this was a good investment I was making.

Of course, I was buying this for my family which meant it was imperative that my wife liked it too and not surprisingly, she too fell in love with it when she visited the property much later and now sees it as our second home

AVR Chowdhary Sir’s vision is surely coming to fruition, and I can’t wait to see it fully complete.

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