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Investor Testimonials

Hemanth Kumar Ravivarapu, IFS

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Uttar Pradesh (Retd)
Now based in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh

As a retired IFS officer and a nature enthusiast, having spent a majority of my life outdoors, deep in the wild across a diverse range of topographies and landscapes across India, my visit to the Alakananda project still left me captivated, by its breathtaking views and landscape!

The waterfront planning and meticulous landscaping around the confluence of two rivers showcased a harmonious blend with nature.

I was particularly impressed by the opportunity to handpick fresh farm produce within the project, addressing concerns about market-bought produce. The fruit bearing trees are grown in response to developing green areas (belt) within the project area with huge open spaces.

This unique blend sets Alakananda apart – providing a connection to nature that few properties offer, surrounded by forest land while still being easily accessible with all modern conveniences.

Strategically positioned near upcoming road links, the project ensures easy accessibility while offering a serene escape from city life.

Its proximity to nature, coupled with the convenience of modern infrastructure, creates a perfect balance.

Alakananda not only serves as a peaceful weekend retreat after a demanding work week but also has the potential for a retirement home, as the project matures.

More importantly, the drive to the location is refreshingly uncomplicated, enhancing its appeal for a quick escape.

Unlike investments in saturated metropolitan areas, where returns may be limited, Alakananda stands out as a property that can yield both financial gains and personal enjoyment.

It presents a unique opportunity for a profitable, yet fulfilling and long-term investment.

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