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Investor Testimonials

Dr.Harikrishna Bandla

Internal Medicine, Monroe
Louisiana, USA

When I read about this project for the first time, I was excited because of the features that this project offered and the stunning location – but it also seemed too good to be true

But the riverfront location, closeness to Hyderabad & Vijayawada and being located within the AP-CRDA area AND the plethora of amenities nevertheless got me curious and I started studying this deeper…

Especially being an NRI, I was surprised that projects of this scope and size – that too on the riverfront – were even possible or being done by someone in India!

I then spoke to Jhashank from their Hyderabad office who elaborated on the details, purchase process etc. in a very simple manner and his response – both on the phone and in writing, including their very detailed website and FAQ sectionwas very prompt and backed by facts that made it more believable.

All of this helped build trust in this project and I finally took the plunge and invested in a plot without ever visiting the place myself or even having any of my family or friends in India even meeting anyone from the company…

Everything went smooth and they were able to even register my plot without my physical presence or without anyone from my family having to travel to the location, making it easier to manage and recommend to others.

While initially it was more of an investment, I am now planning to build a home here eventually when I relocate back to India and am more than happy to recommend this to anyone else in my circle…

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