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Investor Testimonials

Avinash Gupta

Managing Partner, ASAP Constructions

When the team at Alakananda asked me to provide a testimonial and asked me why I chose to invest in Alakananda and what made me choose this over other options, I told them it was none of the above and was more of a “Love at first sight”an impulse buy as I was impressed with the planning and design of the campus.

Being a builder myself, I can understand the amount of work, planning and vision that has gone into creating this unique project in South India.

My first visit to the property was AFTER I had finished paying the token advance and the very first impressions as we entered were very positive and made me feel that my “Love at first sight” was indeed true love and that I had made the right decision to purchase a plot here.

Instead of buying just 1 plot, after the visit, I decided to buy a 2nd one for my daughter who is into Wildlife / Ecology Conservation and together, we plan to build an eco-friendly holiday homes to spend our weekends away from the chaotic city life at Hyderabad!

The setbacks from the river and the height of the property from water levels make this a very safe investment.

It is far enough from the highway to give you a serene ambiance, devoid of any disturbance and yet close enough to make it easy to reach.

My experience dealing with the builder also has been very pleasant and since it’s a family-owned group, working with them felt more comfortable than a traditional builder.

To get a property like this again will be very difficult & almost impossible at this scale – and the fact that this is an approved layout and not just farmlands makes it even more rare and special.

In fact I was looking for a big property with waterfront for a friend of mine in the US for investment but could not locate one for him and that is what makes Alakananda a truly one-of-its-kind!

And with the promoter relocating all the way from Bangalore to settle down in this very community, it will be of great advantage as there will be close monitoring and constant development.

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