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Investor Testimonials

Arun Kishore Kammari

Technical Specialist, Haley & Aldrich, Inc
(a leading Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy)
Hyderabad, India

I was looking for a prospective property in and around Hyderabad vicinity where I can not only invest my money but also enjoy the place as a weekend home instead of waiting years to move-in.

I looked at multiple sites away from the hustle and bustle of city life that can provide me peaceful village atmosphere, plenty of green cover and necessary fun.

During my search, I came to know about Alakanada on Facebook and was interested rightaway – atleast to visit and check-out the place as the description said it was next to Krishna River.

I scheduled a weekend visit and to our surprise, they even offered their club rooms for my family to stay overnight at Alakananda as they recommended we experience a 24-hour period and enjoy the sunrise to sunset to make a more informed decision.

During my stay I luckily had the company of the company founder Chowdhary garu who was also on-site that weekend and was able to answer our questions and personally give us a tour of the property.

It was an excellent weekend getaway for the family and felt more like a picnic than a site visit!

Walking next to the fresh & flowing Krishna River and enjoying the moonlight dinner was a rare experience that I will cherish and we decided right then & there that a place like this should not be missed!

I would definitely recommend my friends and family to Alakananda – you cannot go wrong with this property!

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