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Investor Testimonials

Dr.Ajit Elaprolu

Radiologist, Mithra Scans
Palakol, West Godavari, AP, India

When I visited Alakananda for the 1st time, more than a layout or a plot, I realised that it is a strategically placed destination – a truly one of its kind in the Telugu states and possibly the whole of South India – that too by the banks of ever-flowing Krishna river!

Moreover being at the confluence of 2 rivers, surrounded by lush green forest lands all around and famous temples nearby, I felt this could be a perfect holiday home for my family and friends spread across Hyderabad and Andhra.

The visuals are mesmerising and true to what was displayed on their website and marketing material

But what impressed me the most was the vision of its founder Mr.Chowdary and that is what gave me the confidence to book 2 plots right away on the very 1st visit and also refer this to my friends who have invested in another half a dozen plots over the next few months!

Entire process including registration process was smooth and well coordinated by the team and I am happy to safely recommend this to anyone looking for a good holiday home plus a long-term investment for family.

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