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Investor Testimonials

Abhishek Simhadri

Director, Coupang
(largest online marketplace in South Korea)
Seoul, South Korea

I was extremely impressed by the management’s knowledge of the landscape and their passion to develop the site.

I was equally impressed by the location and the route to reach the site from Hyderabad as the highway has many hidden gems to satisfy your taste buds.

The location itself has a very rustic feel with fresh air and great local food and will make you feel rooted to your origins.

If you are a Telugu person, then the decision to purchase is a no-brainer!

What inspired greater confidence was the effort that the management is putting in to develop the area, with the MD spending his own personal time to live on-site.

This is certainly the ideal holiday home, away from home and with its fresh air, the riverside and various activities, this area can compete with the best vacation sites globally!

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